Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Felicity Insole and other typical Gel Insoles?

The only function performed by Gel Insoles is supporting the feet. On the other hand, Felicity Massaging Insoles not only provide better support with their ergonomic shaping; they also apply a Reflexology massage with every step you take.

Will wearing these insoles be painful?

Felicity Insoles apply a very gentle massage to the soles of your feet while you walk. Some users may initially find themselves sensitive to the feel of massaging nodules. After a short period of regular use, however, this sensitivity will fade. The general massaging effect is energizing and refreshing. Use them to banish fatigue!

Can I wear these insoles all day?

Absolutely. Wearing the Felicity Insoles all day while you walk not only supports and refreshes your feet. Their massaging properties can also benefit the rest of your body, to promote overall health. Users sensitive to the massaging nodules may want to begin by wearing these insoles for short periods of time, then gradually increasing their usage.

How will the Felicity Insole benefit my customers?

  1. Foot massage has many benefits. The Felicity Insole applies a gentle Reflexology Massage, with a Shiatsu massage technique. It targets pressure points located on the feet that are linked to the entire body. This massage relaxes muscles and banishes fatigue. You'll be able to walk and stand for longer periods of time.
  2. For people have back problems and flat feet, these pads provide the best arch support in combination with magnet therapy. Supporting the arches of the feet will offer better balance, help ease back pain, and improve flat feet.
  3. Magnetic Therapy increases blood circulation. Magnets can also soften muscles, widen blood vessels, and increase blood circulation.

How is the Felicity Insole better than other shoe pads?

  • Felicity Insoles come in "small", "medium", "large", and "extra large" sizes. Customers can then further trim these pads with scissors to fit the sizes and shapes of their individual feet. It makes them perfect for everyone!
  • Modern lifestyles have left many people with chronic sore feet, back pain, and poor circulation. Trying the Felicity Insoles can make an enormous difference in their daily lives.
  • The Felicity Insole has sold very well for many years at such locations as shopping malls, vitamin stores, drugstores, amusement parks, etc. All of these retailers have had many "repeat customers".